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Got a technical question? Get an answer here!

Ever thought "I wish that I could find someone that could give me a better answer to my question?"

Would you like an answer to your question that is qualified and well informed?
Would you like to decide first how much detail you need?
Give us a try!
We have provided thousands of Consulting Reports to our clients.

We have started a real time service that is much better than your 'trying to be helpful' brother-in-law or friend that never really seems to have complete information and steers you in the wrong direction. We can supply you answers and a list of our research references. So you get the best, most complete, and latest technical information quickly.

Take advantage of our staff's many years in the Technology and Computer Industry to get those answers you are looking for. We can help you quickly get thorough answers to most of your Information Technology questions. We can provide you with any level of detail you need, from just an email answer to complete Microsoft Word Reports or Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations.

We offer consulting services for a large variety of subjects and topics for Home and Business. Do you have questions about:

  • System or Network Performance?
  • Wired or Wireless Networking Design and Maintenance?
  • Network and System Security?
  • What Virus or Spyware Software to use?
  • Web Hosting or Website Design?
  • Application Software Development?
  • Buying a PC for Home, Office or Kitchen?
  • Whether to buy a standard or custom built new computer?
  • Which Laptop to buy?
  • Digital Cameras?
  • Streaming Music or Movies in your Home or Office?
  • Laser or Inkjet Printers?
  • MP3 Players?
  • Podcasting?
  • And many more things...

We offer consulting services for Home Owners or Business Owners. It does not matter! We love this stuff and would like to help anyone that needs technical information now. No question is too crazy or silly. You know that you want to take advantage of new gadgets or technology and now you can!

You could spend all of your time trying to find answers to your gadget or technology questions, because there is so much new data to look over every day. We do spend most of our time doing research for just that reason. From Tech articles to Podcasts, we try to keep up with all the latest technology and the gadgets that you love, so you don't have to. Just ask us that technical question and start enjoying your life.

You can ask your questions two different ways. We have a pricing structure for each.

  • You can ask a question via email for $5.00

  • You can have a phone consultation for $30.00 (for each hour)
Email us at
to ask a question or request a phone consultation.

Disclaimer: We will try to answer your question to the best of our ability and give you the fullest answer possible. But, not all questions can be answered in this format. We will let you know quickly if we cannot provide you an answer by email or on a phone call. Please do give us a try, our goal is to have our customers smile. .

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